Great! Brilliant! Fantastic! Wonderful! Amazing! Woohoo!!!

Yes, I am being very sarcastic. You see, my nose is partially blocked. On a brighter note, my throat is not that sore any longer. Right. I admit defeat. Results: The one-day-sickness-thing is here to stay for a few days. Hopefully. *crosses all 10 fingers to make 5 pairs.

I do hope that it will be gone by Christmas so that I will be able to enjoy all the sumptious food. Yummy! Thinking about all of those glorious food is making my mouth water… *stops to smell the roast chicken but can’t smell much due to this horrid nose.

I am going to get a piece of tissue paper. I think it is best if I just have a box of it in my room instead of always going off to my mother’s room. Remind me in the morning to get it.

I just came back from my mother’s room with that very important piece of … tissue paper!!! Hahaha…! I can imagine the huge sweat drop on the back of you head, my dear reader. Actually, I did somthing a little “bad”. I blew my nose at the foot of Mother’s bed. Muahahaha!!! As a result, I received a little “lecture”. Hahaha! How childish.

I am now contemplating whether or not to see the doctor in the morning. I have the medicine that the doctor will always prescribe whenever I am down with this flu. So, should I or should I not? Hmm…

Sigh. 1 week and 2 days to Christmas. Must finish shopping tomorrow. I have only my brother and his wife left on my list to complete. And, I must get the sequel to Howl’s Moving Castle. Note the word ‘must’. Haha! I am such a book/story addict.


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