New Year’s Resolutions



So, it’s that time of the ear when people ought to sit down and think. Think about what, you ask. Think about what to do for the new year of 2006 a.k.a New Year’s Resolutions.

My resolutions for the year A.D 2006:
-Maintain my weight. Better still, lose weight!!!
-Do very well for my exams, and pass Year 1 with flying colours so that I won’t feel guilty during the summer hols.

Only 2 resolutions. It is best to be realistic about them instead of a whole list of what-to-do-but-end-up-not-doing-thems. You see, my resolution for last year was to lose weight. Unfortunately, I didn’t. However, I maintained my weight. So, it was both a good and bad thing. Must do some strenuous excercises as soon as possible. Must stop procrastinating. Should add those to my list. But, that will mean that those will become a “must-do”……. I am going around in circles.What was I talking about???

Anyway, Happy New Year to you. And me.


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