The Trip Home … From The Esplanade

It was sunny yet windy for the past 3 days. A great change from the freak-weather of a late monsoon. And it is damn cold at night, with neither air-conditioning or electrical fan. Just plain old pure cold air.

I was at the Esplanade Library in the afternoon with two other friends/course-mates, “happily” researching for some music scores. I wanted to go up to the Roof Terrace and we did. The clouds were already gathering by the time we got up there. We only managed to stay up there in the open-air area for a minute, taking in the interesting scene of the future Marina Barrage within that oh-so-precious one minute when nature’s little bullets of rain hailed on us. Thank God we got back into the shelter in time to hide from Mother Nature’s rain of bullets. We went our separate ways after we got to the ground floor. Thus, I began my journey through the pouring rain, getting my shoes wet and myself cold. So, I took the bus and stopped at the School for the Deaf to transfer to another bus. It was a rather interesting trip home, especially when the bus had to drive through a partially flooded road near Kallang Market. How fasinating…

Well, that was my day. And I hope that it would not rain that heavily any time soon.


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