Happy 18th Birthday, Charm! :)

I am making an exception. This is due to certain interesting events that had happened over the last two days, compelling me to write about these certain events.

Today is Char’s 18th birthday. The very same “Distant Cousin” that I wrote about the last time. Unfortunatly, she is not my cousin, in a sense of the word. She is actually my niece. Shocking, is it not? You see, since her late Grandaunt is my aunt’s sister-in-law, I am her aunt. Amazing… It is not because I did not think about this earlier on, but it was because I forgot all about this little piece of thought that was stuck at the back of my mind until a few hours ago, when my father pointed it out to me, after I told him about it. However, I have yet to tell her this piece of “good news”. Hahaha!!! I wonder what will she, my Extremely Distant Niece, will say when I tell her, or even better, when she reads this? Muahahahaha!!! I will send her an SMS. Now.

As I was saying, she bought us, four girls, including herself, and three other guys, lunch yesterday, 23rd February, at Pepper Lunch, Takashimaya. It was quite an interesting affair. Seven teenagers who spread themselves out at a table which was meant for ten. The person who left early, due to Principal Study, was ZQ, followed shortly by Enx and myself, because of me wanting to go to Spotlight to get some acrylic paints, leaving “The Birthday Girl” with the two other guys, WX and LH, and of course, Julia, but she too had to leave soon as she wanted to go to the Esplanade library to do some researching. After some attempts of trying to get their attention, the two of us decided to just walk out. Which we did. That was when they finally realise that we were leaving, so we told them that we were going to buy some things. Haha! Poor Char… Left with those two “clowns”.

Anyway, we took the bus straight down to the other side of Orchard Road. Unfortunatly, we “caught up” with the rain clouds. It was hard picking the colours I wanted, and also the stencils, causing me to spend close to half-hour there. Thankfully, Enx was not complaining about the long wait. Haha! 😛 After that, at about 1.30pm, we walked back to school for History tutorial. By then, Char and her two “bodyguards” were already back.

The entire idea of me buying acrylic paints, and stencils, was to make cards. The thing about acrylic paint is that when it is finally dried, it is hard to dissolve in water. Making it perfect for painting on hard paper. And that was what I did when I got home after Hist. tutorial. Fold drawing-block paper into quarters. Cutting out the quarters. Folding the quarters. Sat and stare at the blank paper and stencils , thinking of the design. Finally, took out my brush and started painting. So fun! (No P.S for Julia and me yesterday. Yay! :)) When I got home after dinner, went to deliver food to Mummy and had dinner there, I started on wrapping the presents. Ha ha ha! I finally finished with the wrapping at around 9pm before played Tradewinds 2 for a short while before falling asleep at the laptop. I woke up at approaching midnight, went to brush my teeth before doing that horrid Aural homework. Finally went to sleep at 1am.

However, something most unfortunate happened last night while I was packing my bag and putting out my clothes for today. I realised that I lost my ring; the ring that Ching bought for me when she went to New Zealand for Guides’ camp 2 years back. Wahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😥 I love that ring… It is a silver band inlaid with greenish-blue shells that were cut into small squares. *sob… I am now feeling sad. I still cannot believe that I lost it. I was so sure that it was in the little drawer with my other rings and accessories. Sigh… Well, I have to move on. Like what my cousin Mos said when I told him about it last night on MSN Messenger, “There are more important things that are being lost.” Typical male… MCP!!! Bahh! :p

24th February, 2006, Friday. Char’s birthday. I saw Ms Yohanna, our aural teacher, and requested her to play “Happy Birthday” for Char later. Most unfortunatly, the plan was aborted as she thought that I wanted to play it for Char. Damn… Anyway, Char’s presents started “rolling” in after aural class and then during our excursion to the ACM in the afternoon. She was happy. Definitely. One thing was for sure; guys do have good taste when it comes to certain things, in this case, bracelets or beads. I was shocked when ZQ, and YR who was not present, gave her this magnetic do-as-you-please string of beads in the library. And I said it out loud, “I’m surprise.” Believe me, I truly was, even though I admit that I sounded quite sarcastic. Anyway, LH and WX gave her a t-shirt that they bought for her yesterday while she was in the Ladies. Sly. Very sly… You go, guys! Hahaha!!! 😛 Sadly, they bought a size smaller. So, the t-shirt is back with WX who will be going back to the shop to get it exchange, or maybe, he already did. By the way, we sang the Birthday Song to her on the bus going to the ACM (Empress Place), causing her embarressment. Ha ha! Too bad. Enx, Julia and I bought for her accessories; a set of ear danglies and a necklace, a pair of mdium-size ear-rings that was returned as the recipient did not “like” it, and a mismatched set of ear danglies, bracelet and pendant, respectively. What a day.

And so, my Darling Extremely Distant Niece, I hope that you had a good birthday and had, undoubtedly, received many presents. Please remember that your Dear Extremely Distant Aunt’s birthday is less than a week away. Smile always. 🙂

The ACM trip was interesting. Looking at all of those pieces of bronze, silver and gold jewellery pieces, I could not help wondering that those people were really advance in terms of technology even though it was at least a thousand years ago. Amazing… Sadly, our group did not have time to even take a peek at the gamelan set. Time really flies when one is enjoying oneself.

That is about all for now. The next time I update will most probably be on my birthday. Which I assure you, my good readers, will be quite soon.
Au revoir et bon nuit, ma cherie!

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