Squeezy, stuffy, smoky. These are the three words that I am using to describe my first experience at clubbing. My poor throat… Ordered a bottle of beer, good ol’ beer, Heniken , no less, in order to quench my parch throat after breathing in all of that horrid cigarette smoke. One for one from 11 to MN. ZQ got the other bottle while those two girls i.e. Juls and Char got themselves a glass of Orange vodka each. Vodka is bitter and this place really served vodka. Whatever it was, Char drank it down a little too quickly, which caused her body tempertature to rocket. She was really hot and I had to use my beer bottle to cool her face. Anyway, I will not be surprised if I die of lung cancer on one fine and sunny day. We danced away in a truly packed room for roughly half hour before finding it too hot and squashy to dance/move around properly before moving back to the main area to “chill(?)”. Shared a free drink, Bourbon Coke, with Juls while those two shared a Lime vodka. Bourbon Coke is sweet and the taste reminds me of Tia Maria, and Lime vodka is bitter. Ewww… *shivers with (fill in the blank)*

I sustained a few minor bumps on the head due to 2 reasons: 1) That guy elbowed my head while he danced away happily, and 2) I AM TOO SHORT. *dots to that guy… hope he is having a hang-over right now* Thankfully, the bumps “wore off” after a few minutes.

We finally parted ways at 3 a.m. with Juls heading home to the Bishan/Thomson Rd area and us towards Joo Chiat. Yes, yes… ZQ and Char came home with me to rest and refresh before they went home a few hours ago. We had mince-meat noodles at the 24 hours stall/shop(?) nearby for our first meal of the day. Haha! ๐Ÿ˜›

After effects: Sleepy, tired feet and very smelly clothes and hair. I had to wash my hair at 4 in the morning.

So, should I go clubbing again since I know the effects of it all? Hmmm… Let’s see whether I am capable of talking my parents around it. Yes, yes, yes… I “snuck” out of the house. I mean, c’mon, they are not home, until this coming saturday, and nothing did happen to me at the club. So, praise be to God for keeping me safe! Thank you.



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