Year 2, Semester 1. BRING IT ON!!!

Right. School has started. The timetable has been issued and it is terribly screwed. I have to get myself to school by 9 in the morning for 3 days and the remaining 2 days is by 11am and finally end school at 6pm almost everyday. How fabulous. I had to think of an available time for Principal Study and had to settle for a Tuesday early morning timeslot. Damn sad. The next school holidays will be in October. Four months to live through. Sigh… I cry…

This first week is Settling Down Week. Things have yet to go into full-drive but they will when next week comes.

Remember the problem I had mentioned in my last post? Well, Ms Lim settled the matter for me and, yippee, I am studying under her. I am happy in a way. So, I had my first lesson of Year 2 this early morning, becoming her first student of the day and that will be the arrangement until the end of the semester. Let us wait and see whether there will be any major changes in the timetable for the second semester… Hold it, girl! What on earth are you thinking about? Second semester??? The first one has just began, not ending any time soon and you are already talking about the second one??? Good grief! OK. Fine. I shall concentrate on this one first. And that was my other voice speaking. I am going insane. Anyway, Ms Lim had me started on Chopin’s Etudes Op. 25, No. 2. The piece is four pages long, very boring but simple enough as there are mostly repeated phrases. But what I am more concerned about is the speed that I will eventually have to perform at. Oh bummer.

Well, less than 52 weeks aka a year to squeeze in 32 weeks of school. How on earth are we going to do that without having our hair turning grey? Beats me. Sigh… Let me live a day at a time first, OK? I do not think I can handle an onslaught of whatever-work that the lecturers have in store for us poor beings called students.

My life is rather boring right now. Ir0nically, I am quite happy about the way it is now. No relationship problems because I am not in any relationship with any male. Therefore, no heartaches, no tears, no laughter and no joy with a male. Which is good. Psycho. I beg your pardon? You are pardoned. Very funny. Haha. My toes are laughing. So are mine. Because we share the same toes. You seem happy that there is no male about your life. Kindly remember that I have God, Jesus, my dad, kor and nephew in MY life. -.-” What I mean is, you do not have a boyfriend and neither are you interested in any male! Are you a lesbian??? Complete dots to you. You know as well as I do that I am, or we are, totally straight. And tell me, why on this blessed earth do you want to subject yourself to torture by a male when at this point in life, at 18 years, your life is rather uncertain, you do not know what He has in store for you, and you are slacking so much that it affects your studies so badly as reflected in your recent results??? Answer me. Point taken. Good and keep it that way.

Do you remember there was a time when I wrote about me being “addicted” to Korean films? Well, I am now hook on the songs. I bought an album of complilations this morning from Bugis Street on my way to school. Haha!

Oh well, I am going off soon so as to get my laptop’s battery recharge.

Do you know that we did not play Maple Story for most of the recent hols? Incredible.


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