1 Week Down. How many to go?

Here we are at the end of the first week of school, taking a nice break of two days a.k.a. weekends before going back there.

RK has already started on adding pressure/stress on us all by telling us about our assignments for both history and analysis. Why was I not surprised? JY started teaching immediately during the first lecture. Thank God he did some ‘revision’ using the second year harmony book. (Please note the irony of the situation.) EW nearly ‘killed’ us all during aural class by doing two 3-in-1 exercises; melodic, rhythmic and harmonic. Aye, he is our aural teacher. Damn…

For today, we met our new ‘lecturer’ for Brass Class, DS, a not-really-young guy, about Kor’s age, who reminded me of one of my fellow classmates, Samuel. We, as a class, ‘crapped’ about some stuff when we had to introduce ourselves to our lecturer and did nothing serious. As a result, we ended early. I was a good little girl today as I spent the time practising Chopin’s Etude while waiting for Chamber Choir to begin. Yes, surprise, surprise, I am in Chamber Choir, together with those 3 girls and 2 guys; Enx, Juls, Char, ZQ and LH. We have to practice for a trial run for choral scenes of an opera. The performance will be in the second half of July, leaving us with slightly more than a month to get things ready. We had Piano Class with both the year 1s and 3s of the Teaching course and we met the new piano teacher/lecturer that I told you about the last time, Dr Ernest Lim. He is in charge of Piano Classes on Fridays, with occasional visits from Mrs Phua.

Eight people; students with quite heavy bags due to just-arrived history books, went for dinner at an Italian restaurant in Orchard and the bill was slightly enormous even though the ‘host’ refused to let us know (I saw the bill). Thank heavens the ‘a little something(s)’ made up nearly half of the bill. Jose is no longer studying with us here in NAFA. But, hopefully he will be able to get a job here instead of going back to the Philippines. Well, we head off to the nearby Coffee Bean for desert and talk instead of staying in the restaurant. (We had 2 regular pizzas and 2 plates of pasta among us. I now know how squid ink pasta and Parma ham taste like. Heehee! The pasta tastes quite like the usual pasta. Nothing fantastic really, except that it had a bit of sweetness to it. As for the Parma ham, it was quite salty. That explains why the pizza had some leafy veggie/herb-like greens on top of it i.e. to even out the taste of the saltiness.) By the time I got home, we left at the same time, it was already 10:45pm. The trip was quite fast, considering I took a service 16 at 10pm from Orchard to Old Airport Rd before transferring to my good old and trusty service 33. Well, Enx, myself, Char and ZQ ‘bumped’ into Jose at the Esplanade library this afternoon. What a small world… I hope that he will get a job here soon. I am sure many will agree that he is a very nice guy, who is a real gentleman e.g. opening doors for the ladies, never opening his presents/gifts in front of his guests, etc.

Right then. I am off to brush my teeth, wash my face and get ready for bed. Simply put, I am going to log off real soon.

‘Nights! 🙂

Must get my buzzing technique right.


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