Week 2: Down.

Good gracious me! What now? You are back! What do you mean by “You are back?” Of course I am back. In fact, I never left! Ok, ok… Whatever… Anyway, it is less than 2 weeks for us to get some pieces of music ready for the history assignment. Are you talking about the programming of a concert thing that RK wants us to do in essay form? Yes. Sigh… Are we dead… Ooooh… We? I thought it was only you. *grins evilly* *rolls eyes heavenwards*

So, what have you been doing this past week? Hmmm… Let me recall…
Guests arrived on Saturday evening. Took them out to the Botanic Gardens on Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, it rained, and soaked my canvas shoes to the core, and I did not have my camera with me otherwise there would be plenty of photos of the pretty flowers there.

Monday. Ethnomusicology in the morning followed by Chorus. Was late by nearly 10mins for ethnomu. Started work on new performing piece for Chorus/Orch concert. Doing Mozart’s Great Mass in C. It’s quite challenging. Char and I were having a little “picnic” while standing there during practice because of two reasons: 1. We were hungry and 2. We were bored as Angel and Hui En had graduated and are no longer around there to “entertain” us. Sad… By the way, we conquered the last row!!! Muahahahaha…!!! *thunder and lightning effects* Siao! After that, I went off to my brother’s place to help Mummy take care of Nat because she was not feeling well. It was fun yet tiring to look after him, even though it was for a few hours. He came over to me with his Chinese song book (er ge), wanting me to read to him, or so I thought, but he was more interested in looking at the colourful pictures than concentrating on the words. Well, what did you expect? He is still a baby, for goodness’ sake! Yah,yah… Fortunately for me, I managed to sneak in a nap while he was playing on the floor beside me.

Tuesday. Woke up early for Ms Lim’s class at 8. Nearly 55% of yawnings took place there while she was demonstrating some technique. Oh well… This is the only time available for piano lessons. Was nodding off during Harmony lecture. Could hardly keep my eyes open for the entire duration of 2 hours. Went straight to Kor’s place after that, but that was before buying lunch i.e. packet rice for Mummy and me. Did the same as yesterday with Nat, including the nap. Muahahahaha…!!! Siao…

Wednesday. Went to the library in the hope of finding some Tintin comics to read. Sadly, I could not find a single book as they were all borrowed. Damn… Instead, I borrowed an Agatha Christie. Ms Marple and Poirot? Yes. They are so cool! Yes. Let me read! *sigh…* We ARE reading it now. Oh… I forgot. Heehee. Sigh… Silly girl…

Thursday. Packed-like-sardines Day. Nine to Six. Did not bring Aural book as I thought that EW would not use it, which he did. So, I did all those usual stuff using a piece of scrap paper for the rhythmic dictation and a piece of manuscript for the melodic dictation. I found the melodic part to be very easy as the melody was rather straight forward, with mostly accented notes. I think Charles has a serious hearing problem as he could not write out the melody after hearing them. You do have something against Charles, do you not? Haha… You know me so well.

Friday. Today. TGIF!!! Yes. Did some taking apart and cleaning of the brass instruments. Enx and I shared a cornett to clean. All of us managed to make some sound when we “blew” into the instruments. Not bad for beginners, except for Juls and ZQ as they already had training in brass and/or wind instruments. It was quite fun. Ended early like last week. The smell of brass rust lingered on my fingers even after I had washed my hands with soap. Ewww… Had Chamber Choir after that but it was sectionals. Hate sectionals. I had lunch with Enx at Subway after choir. We did not have Piano Studies in the afternoon and so, we both decided to do some things for our assignments. We got the scores photocopied but because of the number to be done, on my suggestion, we spent nearly two hours walking around Plaza Singapura, especially Spotlight, before heading back to collect the scores and to school to ask RK some questions regarding our work. After that, we went off to the school library to return a book and then did some research on Schubert’s Moment Musical. Went off to Bras Basah to buy a small notebook for a Brass Class assignment. We had some trouble with the sensors at Popular even though I carried those confounded NAFA library books way above my head. People were staring at us… We went to the cashier to get those stupid books scanned. Damn bloody problematic. Yeah. Crossed the road to the bus stop at about 6:20pm and finally got home at 7:05pm.

Well, another day has come and gone. So fast and so not good. Sigh… I think I do not have anything else to mention. Wait! What? Did you mention the fact that Enx is back from her church retreat? No. *taps foot expectantly* Alright. Enx is back from her 3-day church retreat in Batam. She came back for lessons on Thursday. For more details on her retreat, check out her blog. Satisfied now? Yup. Satisfied. Dots.

Ok. I am off to sleep. Got things to do in the morning. Good night! ‘Good morning’ you mean. Yeah, yeah. Good morning!


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