Exams start tomorrow!!!

Here I am, blogging, instead of fully concentrating on the preparation for my history exam which is to be held tomorrow. It is a good thing I am in my room now instead of being infront of the telly, subjecting my delicate ears to such torture by those two crooning away on Singapore Idiots. Oops! I mean Singapore Idols. Do not get me wrong, my dear readers. Those two are good, in their own genres, but the entire idea of a singing competition that is no longer about talent just does not sound right at all!

Sigh… Why, oh why must we go through such things???

I rather do more assignments than to have an exam. In fact, I rather the weightage of the assignments be more than that of the exam. So, the entire thing, including the presentations, will look something like this: Presentations 40% Assignments 40% Exams 10%. Hopefully… Someone should suggest this to the next board meeting. Anyway, back to my lamentations. WHY???!!!

As Enx said in her blog entry, I shall say the same. There is not enough space in my brain for 5 essays, and so, I shall memorise 4 and may God be kind to my poor soul. Sigh…

Here’s a short list of what had been happening in my life, especially my school life:
21 September Thurs – Handed in Harmony portfolio. Performance Practice Viva Voce Assessment. A Year 1 girl and myself did not talk much as most of the talking were done by two seniors. May get a pass only. Did some Evaluations on Lecturers in the computer lab after the assessment.
22 September Fri – Brass exam. Passed and shall not talk about it as it will only break my already fragile heart. May get a C if DS moderates the result quite nicely, since he did say that no one got 90%. Returned the cornet. Like Enx, I felt rather sad even though I am not a professional or a great cornet-“lover”, much less a “liker”. I felt quite “empty”. Full of question marks over that one. I know. But it feels as if there is something missing…
23 September Sat – Oniisan and The Usagi got into a serious quarrel, and the reason behind it all is causing Okasan to fume like a dormant volcano and Otoosan to rant like a stream of flowing lava.

Well, I better get back to work. There’s 2 1/2 essays to squish into my head before I sleep, Aural homework to complete by Wednesday 27 September and 6 KWLA journals to complete by Friday 29 September 6pm.


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