I am homeeee… And I need to get a new tagboard.

Hello, hello…

Did anybody miss me while I was away? Besides that Baka Neko who is currently in Laos. I know you did. Yes, you, the one who is reading this entry. Don’t you dare give me that “Who? Me?” expression. You would not be reading this unless you miss me. Muahahahahaha…!!!

Anyway, there is something seriously wrong with my tagboard. Therefore, can somebody recommend me a better tagboard system. That will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I will be setting up another blog solely for my Stories and Travels (SaT) and so, you will find my thoughts and reviews on my latest trip, accompanied by photos, there. I will put up a notice when I am finally done with it.

Here is a quickie of what I had done today (Tuesday) as it was more exciting than the previous day since I came home. I went walking with Mummy to Sheng Siong for grocery shopping as the refridgerator was 90% empty of vegetables and we had lunch at Haig Road Hawker Centre, eating Mee Rebus, Soto Ayam and Indian Rojak. Oooh… I seriously missed my Asian food. After the grocery-shopping, we had a lovely walk home in the afternoon sun with the haze around us. When we got home, I spent some time playing a game which I had downloaded onto my computer before taking an hour worth of nap.

Got up at about 5pm-nish to bathe and get ready for my trip out to City Hall to ‘celebrate’ WX’s belated birthday. I was quite behind time and so, I got Daddy to drive me to the MRT. We had Japanese at a building next to Capitol Centre (and ZQ said City Hall and later Capitol). I had a guess that we would be eating there as I walked past the little restaurant on my way to the meeting place. There was 2 reasons: 1. He ever mentioned that there was a resonably-priced Japanese resturant near Capitol Centre, and 2., he said that we would not be having any bread, pasta and pizza for dinner when I asked him what was for dinner. There were 6 of us; 3 couples, with the guys sitting opposite us girls. Correction: 2 guys and a boy were sitting opposite us girls. Have no idea how did that happen, with LH opposite Juls, WX opposite me and naturally, ZQ opposite Char.

Well, the dinner was full of laughs and hilarious antics, especially on the part of The Boy. In fact, it was the entire evening that was pure entertainment. After dinner, Juls went off, by cab, to church for cell group meeting while us remaining 5 walked to Marina Sq, where WX bought a double-cone of Japanese ice-cream, before walking back to CityLink and plonking ourselves on the cushions of the TCC there. At about 9:45pm, Juls came back to join us in our after-dinner coffee, courtesy of the belated birthday boy. We sat there and continued to talk till almost 10:45pm before leaving for home.

What an evening. There were many times I had to control myself from doing something quite uncivilised to The Boy. During dinner, I asked him which way did he want to get out of the resturant; horizontally or vertically. Trust me, it was many times.

Well, I shall end here. Till another time, ciao!


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