To Dream or Not to Dream

Juls and I had a very interesting conversation in the wee hours of the morning. It happened while I was, in her very own words, “Goong-ing” episode 11 on YouTube(TM)(C). (Goong or Princess Hours can be found on Channel U, Mondays-Fridays at 7.30pm.) You will find something like this on her own blog. Well, from talking about Yul and Shin, we drifted off to another topic about dreaming. K-dramas, or rather, the people behind them had very much epitomised any and every girl’s Prince Charming/ Knight in Shining Amour. Caring, sweet, charming, good-looking, (a bit proud,) and definitely rich, is it not every girl’s dream? It is precisely almost every girl’s dream-guy that we can hardly find one in this world. Haha!

I said to Juls, “It is nice to dream because dreams hardly come true.” That is why I continue to dream; dream that Prince Charming will save me from an evil witch or fiery dragon, sweep me off my feet onto his white horse and ride into the sunset, and his castle where we will leave happily ever after. Too good to be true? Lol! That is why I dream, just like all normal human beings.

Another question that Juls asked me, was I going to remain single or become a sister? My answer to that is this. Remaining single is one of two options; either single and spinsterhood or get married. But being single is quite a good option. I can get my yearly ang bao while spoiling my brother’s kids without really taking care of them. Haha! Becoming a religious sister is definitely out of the question. I am not meant for it. So there.

Well, I am going back to dream and watch Goong. 🙂


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