I received this mass email from my Ethnomusicology lecturer and I found it damn funny which I really want to share with you all.

“dear …notti…students…
those who got their results as failed for ethnomsuic and / or gamelan….
the reassessment is monday 9am for both courses. The exam will be similar to the last exam, same content to learn, i will ask mainly for the same topics but restructure the questions, maybe focus on another aspect of the same topic…e.g. instead of name and descibe 3 instruments from java and laos, i might ask for names of ensembles….
for gamelan shanti, and for ethnomusic jobyna will also have to play gamelan for me…old thing…eling eling…irama 1 going into 2

The exam was easy if you learn, like all my exams, unmanagable if you don’t learn. There are A results, so it was not impossible.
i am getting some emotional sms from people not accepting that they failed, then i check on their papers, and half the paper is empty and the stuff written is pretty horrible….if gamelan students dont know the name of the instruments after 6 months playing (the javanese drum is NOT called ketupat!), or don’t even know the name of the only 2 existing scales, and if you don’t remember a single instrument from southeast asia after 14 sessions lecture about southeast asian music, if you still think, hornbostel sachs is a piano house, then rather consider apologizing for failing than playing the victim of unjust correction.”

I read it just now and found it so hilarious that I nearly cried. Seriously… Whatever made those students think that a Javanese drum is called a ketupat? Those students were probably thinking about Hari Raya Puasa celebrations. Haha! Sigh…

I still can not believe I got a C for this subject. I am still thinking whether I should send him a email to find out how did I pass. Hmmm… Should I? Should I not? Should I? Should I not? Should I? Should I not? Should I? …


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