Year 2, Semester 2: Week 1 Down.

It has been a pretty good week of school, even though the assignments had already poured in. I am starting to feel the heat, albeit the cool rains of the monsoon. Drats. I am thinking of Geography when I am not even doing that subject. Oh! The heartache… And the headache I am getting just by thinking about all the assignments I have to complete by Christmas. Good grief!

Let me clue you in on my new subjects; Composition and Choral Direction.

Choral Direction lasts for 3 hours straight every Wednesday from 9am. It is fun, especially with Ms Tham and Albert, but quite tough, especially with all the reading and planning. I wonder how on earth am I going to survive when I do take on a choir. On a happier note, the 1st assignment will not be due till 2 weeks later from the date-of-issue. You made it sound like some canned food. Oh, not you again… What? It is too bad if you do not like me. Blah! 😛 Great. Anyway, I have to read up an article on conducting and write an essay on it. Remind me to wear either my three-quarts of jeans on Wednesday. Did you hear me? Huh? Were you talking to me? Yes. I was talking to you, thus acknowledging your presence. Oh… I am so honoured. Sigh… *Shakes head slowly and sadly while walking away slowly…*

On the other hand, Composition lecture lasts for only an hour on Thursday mornings. And boy were we happy when we heard this change of duration the day before. Lecture was … slack? The same applies to the tutorial session on Friday. I do not know… Maybe it was just me feeling that way. However, time passed by quickly during those periods of time. So, you enjoyed Composition? Perhaps I did. Let us see whether my feelings will be the same for the next session. Besides, I better start on the piece homework soon.

Maybe on Monday with my favourite Baka Moo-ta Neko at TCC. I have to agree with Doggie (Author’s Note: Read my tagboard.). That Neko has a likable face. And I find that same likable face a calming influence. Haha! I hope you all are not thinking what I think you all are thinking. So, do not be mistaken by my words. I am straight. Straight as an arrow. Not a single lump, bumb, twist or even a turn can be found on my self. So there.

I am looking forward to the next Chorus and Chamber Choir practice. How apt. Chorus begin the week while Chamber Choir ends it. I am happy, yet stressed. 🙂


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