16th Nov 2006 – Casino Royale!

I am now sitting in front of my laptop, blogging about my rather eventful day while brushing my wet hair and talking to two weirdos about our very strong feelings regarding a common topic and “literature”. Muahahahaha…! Sorry girls. 😀 Anyway, it had been a long time since we four girls had a time together watching a film. And it was not any ordinary film. It was the latest James Bond one: Casino Royale. How cool! Yayy!!! Kudos to the director and to Fleming guy for the film, and to DMG & Partners for sponsering the premier at Cathay Cineplex Orchard. 🙂

The following is about my feelings with regard to the film.

There is some sort of heaviness in my heart. It maybe due to the tragic ending which I had anticipated after 3/4 of the film. The film had an amount of slowness and surprises. The slowness of the plot might had been done to keep the audience in suspense, which I admit was effective enough. Same goes to the surprises of voilent deaths. Whatever it is, I had form a theory while sitting through 2 and 1/2 hours. Even though the timeline of the plot is set post-911 a.k.a modern day, I had a nagging suspicion that the plot was meant for the beginning of 007 because of …

1. M said somewhere in the first-quarter, “I knew I shouldn’t had promoted you too soon…”
2. And at the end of the whole film, there was his, James Bond’s, very famous line, “Bond. James Bond.” And viola!
3. There is a degree of roughness and violence found in the film. It gives me the feeling of watching a very ‘young’ and ‘inexperienced’ Bond who was not that suave as in the other Bond films.
4. Ever wondered why is it that Bond, in all the other films, hardly profess his love to his lady, except this one??? Ever considered the idea of him having a tragic relationship with his lady-love, where she died during a very complicated twist of events in order to save him??? How cliche… That is what keeps the story going.

OK. My eyelids are closing on me and I am trying my hardest to keep them open. I wonder why I am so sleepy. Yawn…

I am left at home with only my dog for the next 2 weeks and then, Mum will be back from China with my tailored clothes! Yayy! More new clothes! 🙂

Well. It is already friday. T.G.I.F!!! Heehee! Chamber choir in less than 12 hours. If it was not for the premiere being on the thursday, we would had gone to the Esplanade to support GTC and his saxophone concert. Haha! Random…

Right. I hope my readers will not be so lazy as to not tagged on my board. *Hint-hint*


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