24 Nov 06 Bibliophile

I am mad. That much I admit of myself. Truthfully, there is another thing. I am a pure bookworm, resulting in a bibliophile and you should seriously check out my collection of music books. You see, (A/N: check previous post) Kinokuniya, the bookstore, is having a 20% discount for all members happening today and tomorrow. Therefore, little ole’ me took a stroll under the not-so-heavy rain there, Bugis Junction, after lessons today, which resulted in 12 Chinese comics and an English book. (I got my Goong comics! Yay! For now, I got to wait patiently for book #13 to be out.) I was also tempted to buy a pair of shoes, a tee from Outfitters and the DVD set of ‘My Lovely Samsoon’. Unfortunately, I had only $10 plus left in my purse, thus, I did not buy anymore. More reasons for me to go shopping again! Haha!

Here is a list of what I spent on today:
Lunch – Fishball Noodles – $3.00
Books from Kinokuniya – 13 items – $68.75
Stationery from A “n” BC – 4 items – $5.80
Snack – Sushi box-set – $2.00
Grand Total (after less): $79.55

A breakdown of the books and stationery I bought:
Comics – Goong (!!!) – 2x$6.27
– 4x$6.32
– 3x$6.31
– $6.28
– Detective Conan Special Version – 2x$5.00
English Book – Eldest – $12.92
Total (w/o discounts): $82.51

File – Sale item – $1.00
Clear plastic wrap for books – $2.50
G1 Grip Pilot 0.5 Black – $1.45
G1 Grip Pilot 0.5 Black Refill – $0.85

I must start thinking what presents to get for the family. Think, think, think!

One thing good about shopping alone is that the mind is focused on getting (a) certain something(s), therefore, the time taken is much shorter and the buying process is done faster. But it means one cannot really enjoy browsing unlike shopping with someone else, which is ten times more fun. I am sure many other people will agree with me that it is more fun to shop with only two people, but not in a group.

Oh well… There is a couple of essays I got to do, such as the one on ‘My Ideal Music Education’ or something along that line, and another two for Choral Training & Direction. Oh well…



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