ipod nano!

Fickleness. Or fickle-mindedness. Whichever you prefer, it also refers to me. (A/N: check Enx’s blog.) Remember my ‘dilemma’? Well… I got the ipod nano. My dear brother was at the store today when he messaged me saying that the ipod 4gb was selling at $320, including a silicone case. After I thought about it, I agreed and, like they say, the rest is history. I wanted a white one, but Kor suggested a black. So, OK. He called a minute later and I knew that there was none of the black ones left. So, what colour did I choose? The answer is very obvious, especially if you had been paying attention so far.

So, here I am, sitting, typing and listening to the songs I managed to sync to the ipod. Good for me.

I can not believe I will be parting with a huge sum of money. Money that is needed to pay for this ipod (Yes, I owe my brother), my mobile phone bills (for two months), my Australia trip and the monthly milk-money to my parents. My allowance for November will be used up and I have a feeling I will have to dig into the October savings. So… I am a spender. Sigh…

My Christmas tree is partially done. The angel is already up on top of the tree, while a few baubles and other ornaments are hanging on the branches. Another thing, I have yet to clean the furniture and take out the Nativity Scene Set but I had tied up the old newspapers and put them in a corner for Daddy to sell to the rag-and-bone man when Daddy gets home. Good for me. 🙂

I have yet to start on that NIE essay, which I am hoping and praying to do so when I get back from school in the afternoon since there will not be any Piano Performance Class in the afternoon.

I am now considering whether or not I should join one of the choirs at OLPS after hearing them during a youth mass on saturday. Another thing is whether I should join them in the near future or when I am working. Sigh… Those people need help.

Well, I shall get back to sync-ing my music tracks.



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