Right. This entry is dedicated to The Baka Neko who is right now sitting infront of me, talking to her lover and who was nagging at me for not updating this blog.

I am now sitting in the NAFA Library, supposedly doing composition of 16 bars but not doing so. Simply can not get any ideas or inspiration to compose. Sigh…

I finally finished watching ‘My Lovely Samsoon’ last night/this early morning and I was rather disappointed at the ending. The whole story plot is interesting, as in it deals with ‘a very modern day woman’s problem’, i.e. being a plumpish 30 years old who is looking for love desperately and finally found it in a guy who is 3 years her junior. So… what do you all think about such a situation? I do not think I will ever do what she, Sam Soon, did because I will probably give up on ever finding love and become an old spinster.

It is nice to dream… Yup.

Did I mention that my parents are finally home??? No? Alright then. I just did. Yayyyyy!!! New clothes to wear!!! Lalala… 😛

Alright. I am going back to do some work, hopefully.



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