I am happy. Well, sort of. Actually, it is a post-Monday effect. If you had read Juls’ blog, we five, four girls and a guy, went to watch Three, a chorus concert put up by three different choirs from three different countries; namely Singapore, Japan and the Philippines, at the Esplanade on Monday night. I must add that it was the first time we skipped Commuter Concert. Woohoo!!! It was good. No. Good is an understatement. It was faboulous. The three choirs performed three combined works. One by our NAFA’s very own Americ Goh, another by Ko Matsushita and the last one was commissioned for this concert. I agree with Juls that the Singapore Chorus choice of pieces were rather … hmmm …. I shall leave that blank. But the other two were incredible. The Japanese choir sang their conductor’s, Ko Matsushita’s, works and they were all very catchy and fun pieces. I really like their last piece, ‘Shinjuru’ or ‘Believe’ in Japanese. It was really moving. I shall use this same word to describe the Philippines’ repertoire, which comprised of sacred, secular/folk and pop music. I really like their ‘I Believe’ piece, taken from the Roman Catholic’s the Apostles Creed, which caused me to have a sense of pride while hearing it. I do not know why but that was what I felt. After the concert ended, I went out to the Japanese and the Philippines booths and bought from them a CD each. The feeling I got while listening to the CDs simply can not replace the feeling that I got while being in the concert hall during the actual performance. All I could feel was satisfaction. I do not regret spending $20 on the ticket. Sigh… It was so beautiful… More sighs…

Right then. I best return to my composition, which is due tomorrow. :s

Ciao! 🙂


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