Attack of the Loanshark-runners

I am excited, so excited that I must blog about it.

Loanshark-runners striked again about 40 minutes ago. And no, it is not me in trouble but one of my neighbours. The targeted one had paid up the loan some time ago, but no, they would not leave the family alone. Well, unfortunately for those runners, my neighbours were prepared for them since the last paint-bombing. There were two cases within these past six months. My neighbours installed a security-alarm and a CCTV system less than a week ago. In a sense, they were really fortunate. The police was out on the road, standing infront of the house and taking photos of the paint attack for evidence. I am not sure whether they caught the perpetrators but it seems like their getaway car is parked really near by (from my look-out perch i.e. outer balcony, I saw the neighbours and my busy-body of a Father surrounding the unknown car).

It was about 1.25+a.m. I was sitting here before the computer doing I-could-not-remember-what when I heard violent movements, followed by a line of Hokkien curses. For a moment I thought it was coming from my Dad downstairs. But on further listening, I realised that it was coming from my neighbour. I then rushed out to the outer balcony, which overlooks the street, where I saw one of my neighbour’s sons running out of the gate after another person, whom I shall assume is a guy. What I saw was red paint on the front porch of my neighbours’. Judging by the time it happened and the amount of paint there, I deduced that the runners only had time for one bottle of paint before my vigilant neighbour sprang out of the house and was after them.

Spare me a few minutes as I go check out the latest happenings from my perch.

Alright. I am back. The neighbour’s son was signing something for the policeman, most likely a statement. The neighbours were talking to two other members of the neighbourhood. Nothing more to report.

So, what is (are) the lesson(s) of this episode?

1. Never ever borrow money from anyone. Especially from Loansharks.
2. Never ever become a loanshark-runner. It does not pay well and the result of being caught by the police is never a good thing.
3. Be vigilant, and if you must, be a busybody. Like my dad.

This is aMrie, reporting “live” from Mangis Road.


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