Alright. The beginning of another school week and so far, things are not exactly great.

You see, I had a “fight” with Someone-Who-Shall-Remain-Anonymous during lunch.

It all started during Chorus this morning with me wanting to tell Someone my honest opinions about what that Someone is doing with that Someone’s relationship with Someone Else. And Someone wanted me to say it out, which I did. Things then snowballed during lunch and ended with both sides seething.

During Piano Performance Class, I received an SMS from Someone but only read it after class ended as my mobilephone was in my bag. After reading it, I promptly deleted it.

Me ranting about this will be the first and last time on Blogger as I see no point in continuing with such nonsense.

Relationships. It becomes a huge problem if one does not know how to”juggle”, especially with two suitors by the side. Sadly, one of these suitors happened to be quite a naive person. Sad.

Whatever. It is and was not my problem so I should never have been involved in this mess. It is just one of those sad times in life. Let us all see what will happen tomorrow.


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