I believe not the fact of growing a year older.

Well, well. It is already almost the end of February and soon, real soon, it will be the start of the examinations. Yes. The final examinations for this academic year. Boohoohoo… *sob!* *sniff!* 😥

Neko and I will be staying in the school library for the whole of the day, from 10a.m till 7:30p.m or until the library closes, to complete our history essay which we had, very sadly, neglected since our presentation. Oh well… On a happier note, I had completed my composition yesterday and had sent it off to my violinist and pianist. Yay! All I have to do, with the help of my violinist, is to get the bowing done right.

Thursday’s evening (yestereve by a few hours) was spent with the “Gangsters” (all eight of us; myself, Char, Enx, Juls, LH, WX, ZQ and Looky) to celebrate Char’s birthday. Dinner was on her at the Singapore Recreation Club. It was actually on her parents but we shall leave it as it is. After dinner, we had a little presents-opening ceremony and then a few group photos. There were two highlights of the presents-opening part; Looky and Enx bought almost exactly the same present from almost the same shop. What was different was that Enx’s present to Char contains only the first four letters of the birthday girl’s name while Looky’s contains her full name. They bought the presents from different outlets of Precious Thots. Hhahhahha! The second highlight came in the form of LH’s, Juls’ and WX’s present (three of them shared the present). They got for her a soft toy parrot ALL THE WAY from Jurong Birdpark. (!!!) The parrot is a continuation of a joke and nickname the “twins” a.k.a LH and Looky made up. What was more interesting was that ZQ gave her a soft toy penguin. Two different species of birds. Hahaha!

After dinner, we walked to not-so-many places. This was because we all could not decide on a place to go to. In the end, we all, except Enx, had a cuppa at Hongkong Cafe (Marina Sq.). Enx left much earlier than us while we were there playing Hangman. I should spell it as Hangmen as we played many rounds of it. Haha! Finally left the place at about 10:55p.m.

It was nice to have everybody around celebrating together even though it got colder by the second *glares at two young boys who enjoyed making our lives terrible with their constant lame-ness*. Next up, it will be Juls and I. We will be celebrating our birthdays together next friday and I do not think all eight of us will be celebrating together. Can not believe that I will be turning 19 soon. Sigh… I do not think I want to grow up. To grow up means that I will have to do all those important and responsible things. Sigh… But I do not have a choice. Sigh… Therefore, I will have to accept my fate.

Yawn…!!! Tired. So much work left to do but must get it done all the same.

Please check my previous post for my birthday wishlist. Please keep in mind that No. 1 is quite a popular birthday present idea, so please DO NOT GET ME A WATER BOTTLE UNLESS YOU HAD ALREADY TOLD ME ABOUT IT OR I HAD REQUESTED IT FROM YOU or else I will end up with a bottle each day. Another ideal gift will be a CD of Celtic songs (instrumental and vocal). Thank you.


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