19 years and 1 day old… Gosh! I feel old!

Well, well, well…

My dear people, guess what? Just guess.

Giving up already? Alright, you lousy guess-ers.

I turned 19 years more than a day ago and I am starting to feel old. Yes, you heard me loud and clear. I AM STARTING TO FEEL FREAKING OLD!!!


Alright. Enough with my rumblings and whinings. On with the script.

Here’s what I want to say to certain people (you know who you are)…

Firstly, a great big THANK YOU to those who wished me a happy birthday through SMS, especially to a certain guy all the way in the Phillipines. THANK YOU! You all had made my day great (read on to find out how)! 🙂

Secondly, to my Gang-ster family. ARIGATO GOZAIMAS’, MINNA-SAN!!! Thank you all so much for the incredible presents, especially one VERY INTERESTING HEART-SHAPED BOX. How do you all know what I wanted??? Yah right. As if they all do not know what you wanted especially since you put up a birthday wish-list more than 2 weeks ago… Haahaahaa…!!! *ignores alter-ego* And thanks again for putting aside some time to join Juls and me in our misery. Haha! No lah. Thanks for joining us for for our joint-birthday dinner. And yes. It was a joint-birthday dinner because Juls dear is a day younger than she is. You mean ‘We are’. Anyway, psst! I am listening to the SecretGarden CD you people gave while typing this. It’s so NICE!!! Especially the instrumental tracks. Ahhhh…!!! I cannot stop smiling from ear to ear… You are crazy. Shut up, eiraM. Whatever, Marie…
To NatAlie and Looky, thanks very much for the delicious banana-chocolate cake that Juls and I had to bring home.
To Enx, thanks for being a great working partner during our last essay. That last time was the best in our working relationship. No bickering or name-calling. Just plain good old co-operation and hard work. Want to work together again? Hhahha!!! Seriously, I do not mind. 🙂 And thanks also for the items I requested; a water bottle and a stapler. Can use them in school. Yayyy…!
To Char, thanks for those very practical items in that pink heart-shaped box. Very practical indeed…

To ZQ, WX, AhBoy and Juls, thanks for the CDs. Totally appreciate it. 😀
Last but not the least, to AhBoy and Juls, again, for making the CD of me. Even though you wrote there “From the Gangsters”, I really thank you for your hardwork putting the photos together with those speech and thought bubbles. (Thanks alot, AhBoy. Do not think I do not know that you are the one behind all those interesting and highly amusing texts.)
Basically, thank you everyone for your well wishes as they mostly did come true i.e I did have a happy birthday even though it was pouring before I could leave the house in the evening… Drats.
Oh! If you want to see the photos taken on my birthday, check out Juls’ blog. It is all there.
I went out to the open field next to the Kampong Ubi CC to await the Chingay floats with my mum about 2 hours ago. It was drizzling by then. The floats were really colourful and interesting. I caught them on video. Pity about the photos. Oh well… here are some photos taken while waiting there.

Words on the banner reads “Yuan Xiao Night Variety Show”.

Dragon dance being performed while waiting for the floats to pass by.

Freebies! Just a whistle (shown in photo) and a clapper (not shown in photo, duh!)

Mummy! 😀
This is a 19 years old me signing off. Not much of a difference, right? Oh well… Cheers!

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