5 days left to Doomsday a.k.a P.S Exam

Right. It is now exactly five days to Doomsday a.k.a Principal Study Exam/Piano Practical. I am sure I mentioned this in the pevious post. So, it is practice, practice, practice till I drop dead at the examiners’ feet. I wonder who will be the examiners this time? The last time (one year ago) was Dr. Eugene and EW. But who will it be this time round? Dr. Eugene and someone… Oh well…

Had my final lesson with Ms. Lim this morning. She got two new upright pianos now, one normal exam model and a upright-grand. Must had traded in her old Kawai one. Anyway, she let me used the exam model one. The one interesting thing is that the piano has a lever on the left of the keyboard to adjust the touch of the instrument. Wow. It was the first time I had seen such a thing. Interesting. So, she went through my exam repertoire and told me to unlock my muscles myself. Gosh. God only knows whether I will remember to do it on tuesday afternoon. Drats…

I wrote this poem on Sunday night after watching The Phantom of the Opera on the telly. You can say that I was inspired to write about it, especially one particular scene. Truth be told, that sunday evening was the first time I watch it; never on the telly, the DVD/VCD or much less the musical itself. I got the book about a year ago and sadly, I never did get past the first chapter. It is sad, is it not? I feel sad for myself too. What? The story is sad? Yes, yes. Of course it is sad but I was talking about me not reading finish one chapter of the book. Oh well… You can find the poem I wrote on the other blog. [Click here http://thesatpage.blogspot.com/]

Right then. Off I go to complete my resource collation for the NIE assignment that I am doing with Juls. Yes… I am working with her on this pairwork.

Toodles! *Muaks!* 😉


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