Nothing more, but my tears.

Here is a poem I wrote after watching The Phantom of the Opera on the telly on sunday evening which I personally find is more suited as lyrics to a song. Here it goes… But first, please remember that this poem is MINE. No copying/plagerism even though this is a public place.

Night has fallen, completely
I have come to this place as promised.
The silence here overwhelms me
Here in such a desolate place…
The clouds above are passing by
The stars come out from their darkest cloaks.
The moon shines her bright glory
Glory which is never yours…
Come out, come out from where you hide
I know you are here behind that rock.
That hole of yours you had chose
Where the sun cannot reach…
The world keeps spinning
Life moves on.
Empty your heart of hate and anger
Make room for hope on the bright new morn.
Farewell my friend, I leave you here
No words of mine you will hear.
My body tires, my spirit wanes
Nothing more, but my tears.
*M.A Chia 19 March 2007 A.D*

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