Post #111: Exams are FINALLY over!

Yup. This is post no. 111. What an interesting number…

Practical exam was over nearly 3 hours ago, and what I can say about my playing is that it was much MUCH better than a year go when I suffered quite a severe memory lapse. Thank God and Jesus for what I went through just. Nothing severe happened, just a few small little blunders like tripping. The examiners this time round are the same as last semester, namely RP and EL. Boy… I nearly had a heart attack while waiting for the two examiners to arrive at the exam room. At about 1:55pm, these two ang-mos came walking past me and headed towards the exam room. I went to tell ZQ about them and he came out of his practice room to see for himself. He then told me that they are from the YST Conservatory. Good grief! I nearly died there and then. But thankfully, they asked me whether there was an exam going on in that room and I naturally said yes and that the exam was at 2, as I was the one sitting for the exam. Then, one said to the other about the class being held somewhere else and they (I guess it was the office) did not book for them a room for their class. Phew! Thank goodness. Along came EL with his goofy-looking smile (most of you people should know what I am talking about…) followed by RP, who told me and Char, “Ni men si ding le…” Glups! What on earth…??? However, she was smiling. Good grief! Oh well… What is done is done. PRAY!!!

Juls and I will be in the computer lab. working on our pairwork tomorrow morning before meeting the Gang for lunch. Sushi buffet! Wheepee!!! Yum yum… And will be going to the cinema too! Hopefully, TMNT. Haha! Baka Neko must perform well so that she can join us for lunch instead of going home to cry over spilt milk. You hear me, Baka Neko?

I was suppose to blog about this the last time but was very much distracted by the heat. Well, I went out with most of the Co. last friday afternoon. It was interesting watching little Manda shopping for temperate clothing. What was most interesting was that Lisa and her bought the exact same clothes! Good grief! Lisa’s reason for buying the same black pullover and brown long coat was for her to attract her students’ attention or else she will lose command of the class. As for Manda, she was going to London for some education trip with her coursemates. Alright. She had already left for the northern hemisphere, which snowed not too long ago. Freaking weather… So, yes. She needed those clothes or else she will be freezing there now. Oh! Oh! I bought a pair of Hush Puppies 2-inch black court shoes that day. Well, it was not the first time I set eyes on it, saw it 2 days ago while out with my mum. 20% discount off as the shoppe was having a clearance sale. So, the price that I paid excluding a pair of gel-pad for my aching feet: $84. Haha! I spent quite a bit that day, partly because of the shoes and the dinner. Oh well… It was not as if the Co. got to spend time with each other on a daily basis, besides, Jenn’s back from England for 6 whole weeks of hols. 🙂

Will someone PLEASE TAGGED??? My tagboard is feeling horrendously lonely, lonely, lonely


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