I am now sitting in the computer lab with Juls, Enx and Dora. Well, we are suppose to be doing our NIE pairworks but, as you can tell, we are not. Wahahaha…!!!

I am feeling slightly depressed right now. I met those doing this morning’s exam when I came to school and waited with them for the “results”. EL and RP came out some minutes after Evan Wong was done playing and we asked the examiners who failed the exam. We then followed them down to get a detailed answer from them. So, EL told us that those who sat for this morning’s exam had all passed! Unfortunately, someone failed for yesterday afternoon’s exam. NO!!! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is why I am feeling depressed.


So, Juls and I are left in the computer lab because Enx and Dora were tired of waiting for us, thus they left for the Japanese restaurant at Paradiz Centre first.

OK. Juls is getting excited over reading some tour itinerary on Japan that she has yet to decide and book.

Right. Let’s go. SUSHI!!!


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