2 points down, Victoria to go.

All I really want to do is to thank God that I had passed my piano examination, but I will not be true to my emotions. Do not take me wrongly. I am NOT blaming Him or anyone else for whatever I had received. Like I had mentioned at the beginning, I thank Him for letting me pass. However, after I received my comment sheet yesterday afternoon, I was, and still am, totally pissed that I got what I did not want. I mean, I worked so damn bloody hard to get what I avoided to receive and yet I ended up with 2 points lower than last semester’s! I admit that I could had done it so much better than what I had done that fateful day. Am I making any sense here? No? Then that is good because this is entirely for me and me alone to understand. All I want now is to pass all of my subject modules so that I can move on to the third and final year at NAFA. I think I will miss the place, more of the people actually, like the very interesting lecturers there, yet I do not want to spend another year there. I am sure most of you should understand this “love-hate” relationship one has for their own alma mater. I can only presume, assume and conclude that it is the environment that makes us love our alma mater, and the “hate” part stems from what we have to go through. And all this is said in my own personal capacity. So there.

Anyway, NAFA’s long-awaited school vacation is finally here. It had unofficially begun the day after our individual P.S exam. But then again, we, the Teaching group, had to accomplish our last assignment and that was the NIE one. It was fun working together as a pair, just Juls and myself. Got to know each other more than we already do, and because of this, I can safely conclude that Juls is not very scary at all! She is a very nice girl who happens to cause a bit of confusion over her “i-am-not-really-a-girl”statement. (And to this day, most of us, particularly Enx and I, will want to smack our heads in frustration whenever she says that.) 😀 It is true!!! OK. Maybe only when she slacks…. Which was what happened while we were “working”. It was at a very sedated pace. Very… sedated… pace… Yawn… Zzzzzzzz…

Right. It was not that “bad”. Really! We split our work; one do this, the other did that, and it was quite literally done so. As I had mentioned in the previous post, we both met up last wednesday to get a little bit done before Sushi-buffet lunch. Then on thursday, I went over to her place for the day to get more work done, and had her mum’s first successful try at making lasagne for lunch. The day after, she was over here at my place for a few hours before her piano class to get more things done i.e. settle on who was doing what, and of course, lunch! Me mummy’s Mee Siam and the first fruits of my daddy’s labour; fresh sugar canes for afters! We were totally barbaric. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yup. We did our work over the weekend and met up in the school’s library to finish whatever, and even had to walk back to our dear campus 3 to finish as the library was closing early due to the vacation. All too soon, we were back home to print out our respective parts; she was to print out whatever that was in colour while I print out the black-and-white ones. (Printer problem, don’t ask…) We communicated by phone and not through the internet. (Again, internet connetion problem that is rather hard to explain, much less solve it.) By the time my head hit the pillows, it was close on 0400. As for dear Juls, it was about 0500 when she did the same. On tuesday, the day of completion, we were quite exhausted. Could not be very exhausted as we still had to present/teach one lesson (-plan). I admit, whatever we taught was cheem for secondary ones to comprehend but good enough for those taking the MEP or O-Level’s music exam. Sigh… Oh well, it was a lesson well learnt.

So, my second year at NAFA is unofficially over. Why I said “unofficially over” is because I am still waiting for the final and combined results for the A.Y 2006-7.

Yes. This is one long post. Oh well… (Influenced by Juls.) At least it made up for all those days when I did not post, all thanks to my home internet connection that is very hard for me to explain what the problem is all about.

I had already bought my air-ticket to Victoria state, Australia (Yes, yes, yes… I know, I know… Again…) and will be disappearing there for 6-7 weeks. Hahahaha! So, I will not be back till almost mid-July. 😀

By the way, the Gang will be celebrating Baka Neko’s birthday someday next week at Juls’. Neko’s way of treating us for her unexpected very-good P.S result and also for her birthday. She will be paying for the ingredients, if you must know… Now. What shall I get for her? Hmmmm…


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