Day 3: 8th October 2006, Sunday.

(con’t from previous travelogue)

17 deg celcius. Church.

Woke up at 8++a.m. and was ready by 9:15a.m. While waiting, took photos of the house and plants. Aunt Kathy drove us three to the church. Met another of Mum’s old friend there, Mrs. P, who came from Malta with her husband and 6 kids years ago. Attended Mass together without our hostess who wanted to visit some art gallery.

Homily was about divorce in St. Mark’s gospel. “What God has unite, men must not divide.” This applies not only to marital divorces but also to almost anything that is going in the world now, anything that has to do with conflicts, like wars. The altar was decorated with such gorgeous blooms, mostly local ones, considering that it is spring. Only 1 altar girl was present next to the priest.

Aunt Kathy was waiting for us at the porch after Mass. Apparantly, she did attend Mass. Something/someone changed her mind and she sat at the back of the church, while we were in the front. All of us, including Mrs. P, packed ourselves into Aunt Kathy’s car, before heading off to Mrs. P’s house. But before going there, we stopped by the supermarket for a short while to get some bread and ham. And yes, we did have ham-sandwiches for lunch, washing all those down with cups of tea and some cakes that Mrs. P had left in her larder.

It was a lovely house Mrs. P has, albeit the largeness of it for only one elderly lady. By the time we left, it was almost 2p.m. Not that we were chased out by her but because she was going out to a social club with friends, who were coming to pick her up. After her place, we went to Mid Valley to shop some more! Bought some wrapping materials; crepe paper and ribbons, and a box of Christmas cards. They were so cute! Also a ‘Thank You’ card for Aunt Kathy. And yes, I finally got my hands on that t-shirt I was eyeing since yesterday. Thought the shop had it cleared out when I could not find it on the rack! Turns out it was on another rack. Haha! Happy! 🙂 So, we all walked around till the shops closed. FYI, the shops Down Under close earlier than back home, the same goes for the UK and NZ.

So, I am now waiting for dinner to be ready. It’s pasta! Yipee! Heard that we will be going out again later to visit another old friend of Mum’s.

Finally reached back here past midnight. Stayed at the Morwell Club for more than two hours. Very lively reunion for Mum and her friend, Tony, who works at the club. We three at a cup of hot cocoa each while Aunt Kathy had a glass of weak latte. They made me on the only available piano there which was really old. Very, very old… Guess I had to work for my own cup of hot choc! LOL.

The keyboard was really nice to play/ touch. Easy/soft, in fact. It had a bouncy kind of feeling to it. Makes playing D. Scarlatti’s sonata easy. But it was horribly off-tune! The keys were yellow and there were a few that were already replaced!!! Played the Australian national anthem as requested. Thank goodness there were only a few people around or else I would had died of embaressment.

It is a cold night. Reminds me of the time when I was in England at the start of winter…


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