Day 4: 9th October 2006, Monday.

(con’t from previous post)

Cold. Lousy weather.

We spent the morning doing the laundry. After we had hung out the first lot of clothing, it drizzled! Had to quickly rush out and bring them in. The rain went away quite soon, and the sun was out to play. Ridiculous weather… All the clothes were out in the sun till the time we were about to go out. So, left them infront of the heater. We had bread and ham for lunch before going out to visit another of Mum’s friend, Nina, Mrs. P’s daughter. Had tea there in her big house with her husband. The view of the mountains from her living room was amazig. She also have some amazing flowers. After that, we stopped by the supermarket to get some things to take home, like canned clams for clam chowder!!! 🙂

We had a short stopover for dinner at Aunt Kathy’s place (we had bread again, but with omelette this time round) before making two more visits. The first one was to our hostess’ cousin’s place as Aunt Kathy wanted to tell her personally that she would be heading out of town the next day. The next one was a long “journey” to the next town of Traralgon to visit another of Mum’s friend, Nina’s sister, Lou. We nearly got ourselves lost on the way there. The residential estate was huge and all the houses there were big, with big lawns. The street Lou lived on was without any street sign, thus we were very nearly lost, but thank God Aunt Kathy remembered how to get there since her first/last trip. There, we met Lou’s daughter, Jessica, who is my age. The adults had a ball sitting there reminising and laughing. I laughed along as the stories told were really funny. Finally got back at about 11pm and went to sleep at 12.20am.

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