Another Sunday

I know I will be labled as partially crazy for saying this, but I do not care. Ha!

I am rather happy to start having P.S lessons with Ms Lim from tomorrow, but I am even happier to be starting a new piece from Haydn’s Sonatas III, the extremely “new” book which I did not seriously touch since the day I bought it, which was about a year ago. Hee! 😀

Crazy? I know.

Wonder how many people share the same kind of feeling… Not wanting the things we bought become white elephants…


Teaching has been rather crazy, especially since having to teach this kid… I know that it is very unprofessional to rant about one’s students, but I need a place to vent out this !”%*&^%$£”.

The thing is that he refuses to learn anything on his own. He rather be spoon-fed, and that was what his own elder sister, who is also another of my student, told me when I asked her whether he is always like that at home. I mean, come on! He is a primary four pupil, for goodness’ sake!!! Children of his level should be able to figure out Jingle Bells on their own on the keyboard, especially after they had been taught the fundamentals! What is worst is that I helped him – gave him – the “answer” to the chorus of that song and he still dared to tell me “It’s so difficult!” And then, while doing theory, he dared to give me the same crap, that he did not understand as it was “so difficult”! What is “so difficult”??? The question asked for a semibreve to be drawn on space 4 or line 2, is that difficult??? And once he manged to do it after I did one for him, you know what he said? “Haha! So easy!” Aargh!!!

Is it just me or is most boys like this??? Thank goodness his sister is the last student for the day before I go home or else I will be fuming. Sigh…

His mid-year examinations are over and I had told his mother to get him to figure out Jingle Bells. Let us see what will he do the next lesson. Gosh!


Right. I am off to watch Ugly Betty on the telly. That is the one programme I look forward to for the whole of sunday.

Ugly Betties of the World UNITE!!!


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