Not really but yes…


It is now thirteen minutes past midnight and I better turn in soon after this entry.

Juls will be back in two days time and it will be exactly a week and three days to my departure from sunny Singapore to drought-hit Melbourne. I am praying desperately hard for it to rain there. Those people need the rain terribly.

So, I have somehow started on my packing, if you can call it packing… I got a new luggage bag on monday and a new Deuter pack and a greyish hoodie on wednesday. I must get my sleeping bag out from the storeroom. Now, where did I last kept it…???

Am I feeling excited to my trip? Not really. Am I looking forward to it? Yes. I wonder why I have such conflicting answers. Not really but yes. Hmmm… Maybe it is because I want to get out of the house yet I do not want to. OK. I am seriously making myself sound totally confused. Enough.

Looks like I really must turn in to the Sandman. G’ Night!


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