Day 5: 10th October 2006, Tuesday.


Sunny, warm and cloudless. Perfect for our roadtrip.

I finally got up at about 8 and packed. We were off at 10.15a.m.
Stop 1 – Yarragon. Wanted to get something there but the shops were closed due to the electricity company changing the power lines, or something like that. On the road again after taking some photos.
Do you see the right hand side of the photo? There they were changing the power lines. So different from the ones at home, where all power and telecommunications lines are beneath the ground.

Stop 2 – Toilet stop. Another town further down where we stopped to use the toilet at a McDonald’s outlet. Went walking around the area before heading back to the car.
Stop 3 – Some wildlife “sanctuary(???)” which is famous for their live giant earthworms. Did not enter their exhibit but took photos of their painted walls and bought something from their gift shop.

Oh! As you can see it here for yourselves, I could not help not taking a photo of the natives themselves, all in a line, hard at work mowing the lawn. LOL!!!

Stop 4 – San Remo. Had bread and ham for lunch there before crossing the bridge into Phillip Island for a spin.

The bridge is called Fish Freeway. Rather, it is the entire stretch leading in and out of Phillip Is.
Stop 5 – Phillip Is. Did not watch the penguin parade as the tickets were quite expensive. Instead, we went to look at seals. Unfortunately, the sun was setting in the backdrop and we could not spot a single seal. Check out the photos.

Entrance to the Penguin Parade at dusk, where the penguins will come walking onto the beach from the sea after a hard day’s work of fishing. And people actually pay money to watch those flightless birds walking in together. !!!

Yup. Seal viewing. With another native standing on top of the board (left-hand corner).

With the setting of the sun in the background, how on earth was I supposed to spot the seals???

Stop 6 – San Remo (again). We had the freshest fish and chips for dinner, while standing up, at a fish shop. The place sells fish by day and take-away food by night. That was why we were standing up; there were not many chairs around and it was freakinglly cold outside.
Stop 7 – Motel room, somewhere in Kilcunda. We are all now sitting infront of the telly in a motel and warming ourselves at the same time with the provided heater, after having our very refreshing baths. Right then. I had best turn in. Night! By the way, the price for the room (2 queen-size beds and attached bathroom) after bargaining, is AUD80. Boy, am I glad to sleep on a bed again. 🙂 Haha!
Photo of the motel’s sign taken the next morning before we continued with our roadtrip.
Stay tuned for the second installment of my Victoria State ROADTRIP.

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