Day 7: 12th October, 2006, Thursday.


Hot, sunny and windy.
Stop 1 – Anglesea Golf Link
We were on the Great Ocean Road from Barwon Heads and saw many wonderful views of the coast. We tried getting a glimse of the kangaroos at the Anglesea Golf Link but to no avail. Those natives were probably asleep or hopping around elsewhere. By the way, I was feeling sick. Most likely due to the heat in the car.
Stop 2 – Some Caravan Park
After that, we went on and saw koalas sleeping in the trees at a caravan park. It was fun yet fustrating spotting those bears but they were worth it.
Welcome to I-have-no-idea-what-is-the-name-of-this-place Caravan Park. Let’s play the Spot the Koala Game!!! Yayyyyy…!!!

Ahhh… There is that elusive koala… This is not a very pretty sight…

Found one nearer to the ground. Sleeping away while hugging his/her tree. And this is also one of my favourite photos. Hee.
Stop 3 – At a road near a famous lighthouse.
Yup. Some lighthouse as seen from the side of a road.

Stop 4 – The ‘Seafarers’ Motel
We got ourselves a place to stay for the night by the time it was noon. It was a nice “little” place just along the Great Ocean Road, with a view facing the ocean. The highway separated the motel and the ocean. Deja vu, anyone? Price: AUD150/night for 4 persons. Worth it.
Stop 5 – A little town further up the highway from the motel.
We went in to town for lunch, which was quite expensive, probably because it was a tourist place. LOL! How ironic. I, too, was a tourist there. Blah.
Stop 6 – Marriners Falls.
Because of the very few signs leading to Marriners Falls, we asked a lady who was with her children at the picnic spot there for help. She told us to go further up the road, which we did. We got to the carpark and trekked the rest of the way. Yes! We trekked 3.4km there and back. And I was wearing my flip-flops. It took us half hour to get to the waterfalls, which was quite a small one yet old and lovely. The place was serenely quiet. The kind of peaceful that made you want to shut up and absorb the quietness. The water was cold and clear. The return walk took about 20mins, 10 minuets faster than the going to. On the way back, we literally experienced two distinctly different zones. One second we were in the oh-so-nice coolness of the forest, the next second we back in the heat of the day. What a change! It was as if Nature was telling us, “Alright. Enough of the coolness and the quietness for you. Back to your civilization!”
Welcome to Marriners Falls. Please get your footwear off as we prepare for a waddle in the wa… Oh! They are alreadying so.

Ahhh… Another of my fave photos. One of calmness and peace. Nature in progress. Looks like a scene from Jurassic Park.

The water falls… rapidly.
Another photo reminding us there is such a place call Nature that is not in the City.
Stop 7 – The same town we were in earlier on.
We went grocery shopping after that.
Final stop for the day – The ‘Seafarers’ Motel
Mum and Godma are now preparting dinner and I want to go down to the beach. Did I mention that it is just across the road?
A very blurry photo of the town we were at in the afternoon. The waves crashing onto the shore can be made out through the quickly setting of the sun. Part of the tail-light from a passing vehicle can be seen. Taken from the veranda of our motel room.

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