Greetings from Down Under

Hello people!

Did you all missed me??? I missed you all too… Awww…

Anyway, I am now in Forestdale, which is about an hour away from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. How on earth did I get here? By car. What happened to my ‘Let’s go around Victoria tour’ and how on earth did I get online? Mum and I, including Aunt K, are staying with friends here. Actually, we were invited here soon after we arrived in Melbourne. So, these friends have a computer, and with a computer, there is an internet connection. So there. An answer for two questions. Gosh! How many days have I left home? I somehow had lost count. Fortunately, I have been doing my usual journaling. That is good. What can I say about my trip so far? It is freaking cold down south, but it is now much better halfway across Australia (from Victoria). The roads travelled had been adventurous; out in the ‘bush’ on both sealed and unsealed roads. In the past few days, I have seen enough kangaroos and wallabies, plus roadkills, to last me a life time. O gosh! What else can I say? Hmmm… I bought stuffs. Waha! Speaking of which, I must be extremely careful of what I spend my money on. Argh! My money is dwindling… Boohoo! So, am I enjoying myself? Definitely.

I hope everyone back home in sunny Singapore are coping well. Miss you all! Including my ban mian, mee siam, xiao wan mian, chicken rice, char siew siew yok rice, wanton mee, ayam soto …

Will be back on the 13th of July, and please, for the love of me, sms if there is any news from school cos I have no idea when I will be online again.


Char: Thanks and I hope you had a lovely time in Malaysia. Yes, get Julia to go out with you and Enx, even if you have to resort to ‘that’ excuse. 😉


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