Well, here I am again. Typing about my holidays. However, I am not going to ‘talk’ much about it ‘cos I am going to save the details for the other blog. 🙂

We went to the Gold Coast on Friday. It was interesting, especially the shops there at Surfer’s Paradise. There were sales, and sales, and sales galore! What was even more interesting was that I did not spend a single cent there! Crikey!!! Totally wow… Amazing… The coast was amazingly beautiful. Sandy beaches, brilliant ocean waves, what’s more, the sun was out! Totally surf’s up! We all drove further down to Burleigh Heads which is another beach that has alot of smooth rocks and stones, and full of seashells. We had a magnificent view of the Gold Coast against the backdrop of the setting sun. Wow…

All five of usof us will be heading north tomorrow. Not very sure exactly where but will be back on Friday.

So, how is everyone? Going good? Enjoying yourselves? Keeping yourselves very busy or just lazing about? Just do not be very busy. Do some relaxation.

Right then. To all who reads this post, thank you for reading it. Please leave a message on my tagboard. Much appreciated. Thanks. Tagboard is very lonely. Boohoo…!!!


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