I Am Home

Hello! I am finally home! Well, actually, I was home since early saturday morning but I did not go online till today. So, it is good to be back even though the start of school is only 6 days away.

Sigh… I am now thinking of what elective modules to choose even though I already have my sights more or less set on 2 of them. Oh well… Anyway, I had taken a look at the school time-table and I got only one word to describe it: Slack. Sadly, it makes me rather paranoid. With all that “free” time, are the lecturers intending to swamp us with tonnes of work, in hopes of us using that “free” time to complete? Gosh. I am already starting to feel the stress just by thinking about it.

On a much lighter note, my baby niece, Nad, came along quite nicely yesterday morning. She looks totally different from her brother when he was born. She is heavier than him, thus her chubbiness. And she sleeps quite a bit. Her father, a.k.a my brother, is over the moon and he simply could not stop looking at her all yesterday. Oh well… Yup. I went to visit them at the hospital both yesterday and today. She was asleep during the time I was there. Her brother’s excitement over her must be the cause of her tiredness. (Her brother and my Mum were there visiting and he, from both his maternal grandmother’s and mother’s accounts, caused a bit of a mayhem when he saw his little sister. I wonder what will happen when his little sister finally goes home from the hospital. All hell breaks loose…) By the way, both mother and daughter are well and shall be able to be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. She is so cute! Especially when she yawns. Awww…

I shall go off for my dinner now and then get back here to upload my photos.

See ya!


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