New Blog Skin!

Whoot! New blog skin. It is a black and white piece but it is pretty!!! I can colour my typings now. Haha! What colour shall I use for the following paragraph? Hmmm…

My nephew is staying with us here till the weekend. God only knows what will happen, but nothing terrible will happen as long as my mum is incharge. Lol! I sound mean… It is not that I dislike having him here, on the contrary, I do! It is just that I feel tired just by watching this 2-years old running around. It is worse when I play with him. Haha!!! He is a real sweet and he is now trying to get to my computer and the mouse, and he does not want to sleep now. My mum is now trying to make him lie down. Crying away… Oh dear…

Something about school now. Char and I are in a fix. It seems like there is a clash of timings between our composition tutorial and an elective module [that we want]. Compo. tutorial is from 10 – 11a.m, while the IorVT Grp. A is from 9 – 11a.m. Mind you, we are the only ones in this particular mess. We told RA about it and he gave us two choices; either the entire Teaching group have the tutorial on another day or we two change the elective to another, which is certainly NO DEAL. Another option is to give up our beloved CT&D for the IorVT Grp. B from 11 – 1p.m. Sigh… What we both want is the CT&D from 9 – 11a.m and the IorVT Grp. A at 11 – 1p.m. There will be quite abit of pursuasion to be done during this week. Blah.

I must say that it was a very slack sort of day for us. We had Compo. lecture for an hour at 11a.m, followed by the hour-long lunchtime concert at 12.30p.m. After that, we were done for the day. This is absolutely crazy.

Right. I am going off now to seriously concentrate on the History assignment.


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