Rubber Jumping Around on Strings

Well, well, well…

Another week of school has already zoomed-by, leaving us poor students spinning in its wake, trying to catch our breaths…

However, it has been a rather interesting week.

The SOP group had a meeting on tuesday where we brainstormed and came up with two rather interesting sort-of compositions based on John Cage’s ‘prepared piano’. We flimed it and uploaded it onto YouTube, with help from me filming one of two and with many thanks to Amy for using her camera and uploading it. Thanks, Amy! I personally like the first one, not because I helped filmed it but it is because I find it very interesting, especially when the rubber jumps around on the strings. The second video has its own interesting parts, like where Juls became totally ballistic in her own ‘solo recital’. Lol! You have to watch it to believe it. Haha! Here are the 2 links:



On monday, Ms. Lim went through the contemporary pieces before attacking my Haydn-piece. But before that, she taught me another way to relax; let the feet (soles) feel the floor, not gripping the floor, and sink your upper body (the torso and up) into the chair. Let gravity do the sinking. It is helpful and one can do it not just at the piano, but anywhere, like now, sitting before the computer typing this: I like Ms. Lim… She is a very interesting lady. 🙂

Another thing regarding ‘learning how to relax’ happened on thursday during CT&D2. We five, as part of an in-class practice, had to raise and then drop the whole of our right arm. Like doing a free-fall of some sort. Just (let it) fall, not fling (it down). The funny thing JT wanted me to do for Enx and Char was to act as some “referee” to their little arm-falling “contest”, which is actually a practice of how to relax the entire right arm, unfortunately, those two are having troubles with relaxation. Actually, most people have such a problem once they leave their childhood behind. They forget how to relax. That is why there are such places calling themselve ‘spa’, ‘massage centres’, etc.

We went back to NIE on that same thursday, dusting out the cobwebs in our mind’s storage area, looking for and finally finding the recorder-related fingerings. Besides the recorder session with JW, we also had a “sharing” session which I shall not go into details. Lol! Blah.

Chamber choir today was quite a quiet affair because 1/3 of the members not present were involved in some brass and wind performance outside school. We did that mind-bloggling numbers excercise followed by that horrid ‘follow-the-leader’ type of rhythm-clapping. Tut tut tut…

Well, I better go off and do that history assignment now, and if there is abit more time, sleep!


Happy 42 Years, 1 Week and 1 Day Old, Singapore!!!


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