"You Can’t Stop The Beat"









Do the capital letters describe my feelings clearly? I hope it does. Lol!

The girls and I went to watch it at The Cathay yesterday afternoon as part of our SOP work. It was really entertaining even though the plot was really simple. The songs were really catchy that anyone can sing or hum along once they got the “pattern” of the song, and my feet wanted to dance along to the music. Haha! But, of course, I did not. Lalalala…!!! But because this is the motion picture, they, the people behind it, cut away some scenes from the Broadway script but added some others to it. At the end of it, it is not Tracy who was crowned Miss Hairspray but Little Inez, quite different from the original script. Oh well… I got no qualms about it. :DThis is, after all, show business.

The story plot is about the Integration of Differences; the handsome guy does not necessarily ends up with the slim (and beautiful) girl, or that the colour of the skin prevents both sides from falling in love.

Love brings about the Integration of Differences.

I am now happily listening to the soundtrack. Yes, I bought it. Lol! Happy, happy… 🙂 The music is really interesting. I shall listen to it again and perhaps, just perhaps, I will be able to draw some kind of inspiration from it. *Cross-fingers* Oh! And it’s really err… interesting… watching John Travolta in drag. 😉

Tuesday was quite an interesting day. We did not have History after our Counterpoint class. So, we went to have a really early lunch. Neko had to go off to teach after lunch while Char and I were suppose to do some work at the school-library, instead, we went to get some snacks from Cold Storage (Peace Centre) before finally getting some work done. We then had to speed-walk to The Cathay, all thanks to having to go back to Campus 3 for somethings (which we did not get) and for someone. Dots… Anyway, we made it in five minutes, with a little bit more of time to get the tickets. Anyway, the film finally start 5minutes after the actual timeslot. So, after the film, which we stayed tilll the very end, I went down to Gramaphone, looking for the Hairspray OST.

Dinner with Enx at Subway (Paradiz Centre) was really funny yet insightful. I shall not go into details here. Lol! We met a few interesting characters yesterday while there. Some of Benjy’s friends came walking through the Subway door. You can read more about it on Enx’s blog.

The Windband Concert last evening was quite alright. I tried to sleep but could not. It maybe because of the loudness from the music or that Enx and I had something to talk about or point out from our little corner at the top near the doors. Yup. We were sitting ‘up there’. Haha!

Well, I shall be done with this and get back to doing my rubbish. Have fun yourself!


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