Of Sunshine and Lightning

3.26a.m. The greatest lightning I had ever seen struck near my house. Maybe it was because it struck really near by that is why I consider it the greatest so far. Scary.

I will be having my second last piano lesson with Ms Lim for this semester in 3 and 1/2 hours. I have only about 3 hours to sleep. Feeling lethargic. Weird.

History presentation is tomorrow, after it had been delayed by a week due to lecturer’s order. Darn. Presentation slides are 99% done. I hope she will like it. Composers’ Resumes have not even been started on. Die.

Composition is slowly going down the drain. Why must he want to have a little performance thingy??? 2 out of 3 of my musicians may not be free at that timeslot, the same goes for many others. And we are not allowed to change the timings. Damn. This is so not going to be good. Whatever. Do what I can. Sigh…

26 Oct. NAFA Sports Day was full of SUN, SAND & SEA, especially SUN. Lots of it. I did not participate in this year’s Telematch games, so I stayed in the shade with Char to watch Juls and the others play and to cheer them on. [Poor Baka Neko was down with a fever, thus, she did not attend. But she was so loving to pass some of her lovely germs to me the day before… -.- *cough, cough*] I was perspiring buckets in that tent. It was a really HOT day. Terrible. Well, it definitely is better than having rain. Blah.

Nights/Early morning!


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