Never Ever Unless…

Finally, DONE!!!

I never ever want to do such a thing again.

Sure, it was fun but the entire process was incredibly tiring, especially when we had to go looking for people to help us… There was even one time when we were very much chased out of a room, making us carry everything, including the smaller white-board, just to look for a place to act, from the sixth floor down to the third, then to the fourth before ending back on the sixth floor but in a different room.

For every single weekday, I was out of the house for an average of 11hours, leaving the house at about 9 in the morning and reaching home at about 10pm. The latest I had ever reached home was past midnight, all thanks to waiting for that blasted bus for half an hour yesterday.

Oh well, because of all of those late nights, I had a good sleep in today, waking up at almost 11am. Yippee!!! Haha!!!

Then again, I would not mind doing something of this kind if there are more people who are willing to do the background stuff, like the logistics, and have a fixed cast instead of ‘make-dos’. Or even a professional crew will do wonders! LOL!!! Wahahahaha…!!! OK. That was very evil of me. I shall not harbour such dreams. Haha… But seriously…

Oh well… Off to watch the final product that Juls sent me.

See you later!


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