???metsys ada anam


Shoots… And the person in-charge could only tell us all today about the programme notes thing. TODAY!!! The day before for 3 of us and 2 days before for the rest of the class. £$%^~#!!! mei si guo ah?!!! Not surprised if that person turns out to be a supporter of MAS (the airlines). Do not understand? Well, it works best if you know what the letters stand for in malay. [Huge hint: (a Da Vinci thing: read right -> left) metsyS adA anaM] Seriously!!! Sheesh! And so, here I am looking for information on my pieces. The day before the exam. Damn. It is not that I can not finish the programme notes in time, but it is just that I simply dislike being told about something at the very last “minute” when, most apparently, the person had a lot of time to inform us. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned informed at the eleventh hour. I love this sentence. And it is my examination tomorrow!!! I shall wear black from head to toe. Pity I do not have a black shawl to go with my getup…

Back to crawling the net for more information.

Pondering: Why on earth did the publishers not put in the compositional date for my Haydn piece?


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