Not Entirely Satisfied

I just finished watching the entire series of ‘The First Shop of Coffee Prince’ on Yay!!! Happy, but not entirely because of the ending. I feel that it was quite abrupt. Sure, Eun Chan came back to Seoul after spending 2 years in Italy, working and learning her barista stuff there, but did she and Han Kyul really get hitched? Will there be the tiny pitter-pattering of feet for those two? How about Han Sung and Yoo Hee? Did they finally have any children? Hmmm… Not entirely satisfied. The ending episodes too were not ‘whole’. A lot of lovey-doveyness between Eun Chan and her beau. But truth be told, the show would be really plain if all those stuff was cut out. Oh well…

Next thing, I had my second lesson with Ms Lim within this week!!! Brahms!!! If I have a chance, I will so kill him even though he is already dead. Damn… Why must he have such big hands??? ………….-.-“………… I am doing any Haydn sonata again. This time round, I feel that Haydn was in an extremely foul food when he wrote this C# minor. The first two pages look decent enough. Then comes the next two and I went, WOW, before I thought, “Shoots! He must had been on the warpath.” Creepy… Haydn is so scary, never mind that he had been dead for centuries. His music definitely does lives on. Seriously creepy. But hey! What am I saying? All composers are creepy, past, present and future. Waha!!!

I baked some cookies yesterday. Do not ask me why I did it. I just felt like it. Oats, raisin and cinammon. Yum. 😛 Here is a photo of it.  


From left to right; Batch 1, Batch 2 and Batch 3. Notice the different colours. Waha!!! I shall not say much. 😛 But they taste alright. In fact, they taste good! Oiishi!!! 😛

Well, got to go now. Nights!!! 😀

P.S: Can someone recomend me a nice K-Drama to watch? LOL!


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