Red and white. What do these two colours remind you off? National Day? Yeah… Along those lines. How about flower designs? What does it mean? Spring? Some sort. To cut it short, I chose this theme because it reminds me of the Lunar New Year a.k.a Spring Festival a.k.a the Chinese New Year (CNY), which will soon be here on the 7th of February, which is about 30 days from now. There are some places that have already set up their CNY decorations and other places are already selling CNY goodies. Gosh! Chinatown will be packed especially during the night. Therefore, I will only want to do my shopping there during the day. I very much had enough with the night jostling, squeezing and being like sardines during those night shopping with my mum years ago… I can remember vividly the feeling of being squashed while trying to get from on end of the street to the other. Blah. Oh well… I shall be happy and look forward to counting my ang-pows come February the 7th.

Right. Enough ranting. Time to watch something. Haha!!!

Neko: I just changed my blog skin. Happy now??? :p


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