school’s in

school’s in. it started on monday, the 14th. the workload is starting to pile up, considering it has only been 2 days of school. the ironic part is, like last semester, my school timetable is quite empty, meaning that i am at school for an average of 3hours each day. looks like they, the lecturers, want us students to make full use of our spare time doing our assignments. maybe that is why they are our lecturers.

chorus and chamber choir are having such interesting projects for this semester. chorus will be singing for the ‘chingay festival’ in a few weeks’ time and then in april, for nafa’s 70th anniversary celebrations, beethoven’s 9th symphony a.k.a “ode to joy”. how joyous… as for chamber choir, we have a performance with the singapore chinese orchestra (sco) on valentine’s day at the esplanade concert hall for the ‘huayi festival’. yes, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. on valentine’s day. so, it’s ‘boo-hoo’ to all lovers in chamber choir and hooray for the singles as it will be the first time we get to perform there. yippee!!! we had performed at the nus’ cultural centre and at the victoria concert hall. and now, it’s the esplanade concert hall!!! hooray! how exciting. and tiring. immediately after the valentine’s day performance, us in chorus will have to work for another two days on the ‘chingay’ one. yawn… and i have to teach on the sunday after that. tiring.

the assignments are starting to roll in… in fact, snowballing. especially with history. as part of our assignment, we have to write and then perform our own cadenzas from a self-chosen concerto. oh my… the composers of our chosen works will probably roll in their graves after we are done mutilating their works. let’s all have a snowball fight! speaking of snowballs, did any of you realized that entering nafa campus 3 is like going to another country in the winter? i will not be surprised if it suddenly snowed in there. i mean, it is so damn freaking cold!!! one needs gloves, a scarf, woolen cap, fleece or woolen jackets, snowboots (if it snows), boots and layers of clothes. brrr… not only that, singapore is in a semi-state of being frozen over. the wind is chilly. the storms are freaky. lighting and thunder at almost every 5 seconds. lashing rains. *shivers*

well, got to go off now. mum’s nagging.


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