this sucks.

nothing much to blog about except that i had passed my basic theory test (btt) yesterday evening on my very first try. however, i failed twice during the e-trial test. maybe it was so because i was rushing through 2 of those trial tests within half an hour. haha! anyway, i checked my answers once through before submitting it electronically. whew! for the next three months, i will have to focus on the final theory test (ftt) while juggling my daily schoolwork. blah. oh! speaking of the ftt, i had to return to comf*rt driving centre this morning in order to register for the ftt. why could they not have a electronic registration programme for private candidates? why must they knock off work at 8pm? [i finished the test at about 8.30pm.] damn… when i got there, i had to wait for about 20mins even though there were only 4 people in the queue as there was only one person manning the counter. it was only about 15mins later that another staff came in. hence, there were two counters opened. in all, i waited for 20mins and was served for less than 5mins. this sucks. *pfffffffffffft…* :p thank goodness the malay girl who served me was a friendly one, unlike missus grouch next door who served me the last time.

two pieces of homework to complete, one of which involves the skills of crapatology while the other requires a keyboard or very accurate inner hearing. and both are due on friday. sigh… i have not even started on either. infact, i have been procratinating. damn. i am going to be quite dead by friday. which reminds me…

chamber choir will be heading to the singapore conference hall (sch [school! lol!]) in the evening for a rehearsal with the singapore chinese orchestra (sco). the maestro came down on monday to listen to us sing and help us along with the articulation and others, pointing out this and that, etc. and he did all he could to help us paint a picture of the 1930s shanghai. he marched, danced, sight-read the music on the piano and even sang for us! he was funny. and, of course, we laughed and did our best. the first impression i had of him was that he reminded me of enx’s dad. it was more of the face, really. well, there will be one more rehearsal on friday morning (the usual chamber choir timeslot) before we go to the other end of shenton way. must find out how to get there by bus.

went to chinatown with the girls on monday. met mum there. in fact, she came because that was the only day i was free in the afternoon. walked around, bought stuff (my backpack was about to burst!) and looked at the sights. two others joined us; enx’s younger sister and char’s dummer. we later went our separate ways, but juls stuck to me and my mum until she wanted to go home. that was when we very much left her near the bus stop. and so, the pussy-willows had been bought, the basket is filled with goodies and there should be enough drinks in the refridgerator. what is left is only putting up the decorations and the long red banner. yup yup. what do i look forward most at cny? counting my $$$. what do i look forward to most at this cny? my nephew and niece. i miss those little ones… :l oh well… will see them soon.

time for me to brush my teeth and wash my face. and i must remember to print out the general music programme syllabus for secondary 1 and 2 today. must remember.

sweet dreams!


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