Almost 20

Right. I am down with a flu. Had a sorethroat a few days back but, thank heavens, that one is 99.9% gone. So, currently stuck with this one. I am taking some pill for it so, not to worry, I shall be fine sometime this week. It must be due to the change in weather. It colder and wetter now, as compared to three days ago when it was so dry and hot during the day. Many others in school had been down with some sort of illness or other. Not good. What’s more, I will be attending Juls’ 20th Birthday bash later in the evening. Haha! Well, I better write my happenings in chronological order. Let’s start with Thursday, 21 Feb, 2008, the one which I mentioned in my previous post(s)…

Thursday, 21st Feb. 2008

Went out with the parents for dinner to celebrate the 15th day of the Lunar New Year after I got home from NIE. Found out on the television screen at the restaurant that Singapore became the 1st to hold the Youth Olympics 2010. Hooray!!! More jobs for the people, economy will go up, up, up! Got home before 8.30pm because my brother wanted to come by and collect his pair of army boots. He came with the kids and the maid. Then came the huge element of “surprise”. I was carrying my nephew around the garden when he suddenly swung his right hand and hit me in the left eye. Actually, he hit my frameless pair of spectacles. If it was not for my spectacles, I would had ended up with a nice little red mark at the side of my left eye. Anyway, the left lens split into two. I was somehow shocked and devastated. Imagine my expression, and his. Well, his right hand received a spank from his grandmother for being too violent and went home not feeling very happy at all. Cute little fella… And his father said something about a disclaimer. -.-” Dots.

Friday, 22nd Feb. 2008

I had no choice but to wear my older pair of spectacles for the day as I had sent it off in the afternoon to be fixed at the shop near school, and also bought a new pair of spectacles at the same time. This time, it is a half frame one. Char and I hosted a joined-birthday lunch for the usual suspects but out of eight in total, only 5 turned up (Char+Me+Enx+Juls+ZQ). 1 “had to work” (I wonder how true is that) while the other 2 could only join us after 1pm. By the time Look and WX came, we were very much done with our lunch and so, those 2 went elsewhere to eat. Look went back to school after lunch with ZQ but WX stayed on with us girls. As we were walking passed Diva at Bugis Junction, he suddenly said to Char and I to pick out whatever at Diva for our birthday presents, and he would pay for them. Wow! Generous. OK. So we did. Yay!!! We then went to the optician to get my spectacles done. Lala!

Tuesday, 26th Feb. 2008

Mock exam for practical. Yikes! I mentioned it before that I was more sleepy and tired than anxious for it. And I really was not anxious or panicky, just a little annoyed by that noisy dehumidifier machine that was near the piano. After the exam, when I was about to collect my music scores from the examiners, one of them asked me whether I practised hard and whether I was hardworking. Right… Two ways of looking at it. It was either I improved or not. Tough one.

Thursday, 28th Feb. 2008

Music history listening exam in the late morning and my ipod had to hang on me just when I needed to listen to the pieces on it. Darn… I had to depend on my notes for revision on the bus ride to school. The exam itself was do-able. However, I had a feeling that I got confused over the movement numbers for the Corelli ‘Christmas Concerto’. Right. Goner? Not sure.

Friday, 29th Feb. 2008

A sort of slack day. Had music tech in the morning and then a supposedly 2-hour session of NIE pairwork with Char. However, that 2 hours were mainly spent on doing/finishing the music tech assignment (mostly by Char) and rubbish on my part. Char gave me my birthday present(s) then. [Thanks, Charmabelle!!!] Met Evan-chan at Raffles City for lunch after school. (I walked to Raffles City from school. It took me almost 10mins. :D) We ate at Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar located in B1. Shokudo is a Japanese food market version of Marche and V’llage. Prices are quite resonable. Evan-chan and I ordered ala carte and shared the food. Ate quite a lot. LOL!!! And so, we sat there for more than an hour before paying up and walking around, scouting for my birthday present. We came across a few designs but none were to my liking. In the end, we went northwards to Orchard Tangs and she bought it for me there. Haha! I was such a nuisense. Anyway, I had beem eyeing it since Christmas and there was a 20% discount of it. (Tangs is having a sale.) We took a look at the clothes; they were really good in price, material, colour and design, but do not expect too much from a sale because the size you are looking for may not be available. Dots. That was happened to me. After that, we went home.

Presents from my friends and classmates are more or less here. Sigh… I am turning 20 really soon. But life still goes on. And I am still waiting for Juls to upload those photos taken on Valentines Day at the ZhouXuan concert. Waiting…

Here’s one, though. Taken that evening during the post-concert party with the maestro, using one of the junior’s digi-cam as Juls had, by then, already went home.


Got to go! More photos another day. 🙂


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