A Big Thank You!!!

Dear people,

Here is a big Thank You to you out there who had wished me and/or given me presents for my 20th birthday. So,


Thanks for the SMSes, the personal wishes, the comments on FaceBook, the air mail letter from Empress Road and even, yes, believe it, fixed-line SMS by a someone who sent the message to the wrong number. Thank you, you all!!! 😀

Here are some photos taken the past week…


Photo 1: Presents all wrapped up and given by them. Received by Sunday, 2nd March, 00:00am.

Photo 2: Presents unwrapped. Airmail letter from That Boy. Original recording Zhou Xuan CD from ZQ. Card, salt & pepper shaker and the leaf-bag from Juls. Cylindrical plastic container with craft scissors from Enx. Black and white card-case from Evan-chan. Silver Diva bracelet from WX. Rest of stuff there from Char. 😛

Photo 3: My birthday cake. It had been a long time since I had a cake for my birthday. Sad, right? Haha! Chocolate fudge from Prima Deli. (!!! Do not worry. Still alive and healthy. *grins*)

Photo 4: More presents. Received on Thursday, 6th March. 2 notebooks [on left] from Amy. Tee & that cute bear-like case from Yan Qiu and Dora.

Not bad for this big double digit. 😀

Another post, another day. 😉

P.S: Went to the I.T Fair at Suntec City with my brother this evening and experienced first-hand that it is not good for a not-so-tall person. A little overwhelming a.k.a scary at first but I got used to it quite soon. Came home with what I needed; a HDD. Thinking of going there again on Sunday for what I want. Hmmm… But the crowd will be worse… Hmmm…


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