Spending Too Much On …

“Where do I begin? To tell the story of how great a …” life can be?

This post is going to be a sort of continuation from the previous.

9th March 2008, Sunday

I went to the I.T. Show/Fair again on Sunday after my teaching ended at 3.30pm. Yes. Believe it. Haha!!! The journey from Balestier to Suntec City was terrible. Jammed most of the way. What was supposed to be a max. 20mins bus ride became a 30mins one instead. And that was just a prelude to the one at the I.T. Fair. At least, I did my supposedly-quick shopping within an hour, including going up and down the extremely crowed escalators. I went there with the intention of getting that BagMan $35 laptop bag. Instead, I came home with 2 other BagMan small pouches (meant for keeping electronic stuff like digi-cam and mp3 or something like that) at 2 for $12 and a tiny keyboard vacume  cleaner. LOL! Yes, I was intrigued by it when I was browsing at the A1 stall there and decided to get it since my keyboard is quite dusty, especially beneath the keys. 😛 By the way, the keyboard vacume cleaner cost me $9.90. I must say, the time spent at the I.T. Fair was definitely better than sitting in that cold bus for half an hour. Blah.

10th March 2008, Monday

Mr. Hartung did not appear for our conducting lesson. Hence, we all went home early.

11th March 2008, Tuesday

Met Wen at Bugis in the afternoon where we had more than something to eat and she gave me my belated present from 6 of the Co. So sweet of you… Arigato gozaimas’, minna-san!!! Coloured and beautifully designed paper and plastic borders. Basically, craft materials. Ying1 wei4 tai4 mei3 le4, jiu4 she3 bu4 de2 yong4…

[Note to self: Never go out with Wen especially where there are a lot of food stalls unless I am as hungry as her.]

12th March 2008, Wednesday

Went to join Mum at OG Orchard Point after Platform to do some shopping. Because of this Special Preview Sale, there were so many people there. And because there were so many people, all those wanting to get in had to join the queue, which snaked half-way round the building. Mum was in the queue for a total of 20mins. As for me, I waited with her for about 10mins after arriving. But the worst had yet to come. It came when we were queuing up to pay. By the time we finally got to the cashier’s, we had been standing there for an hour. AN HOUR. Sheesh…!!! But the discounts given were worth it. Should had bought the cute water bottle and Converse bag that day. Regret. 😦 But made up for this regret with a pair of Clarks Mary-Jane (Black) at $71+ [after discount] and a FILA tee at a special price of $11. What else did I get??? Errr… Snacks. Because I was hungry while waiting in that dratted queue, I left Mum in the queue and went ‘exploring’. Snacks that day, which are usually nett-priced items, were at 10% off. That was good. Mum got herself a pair of formal sandals and health supplements. 😀 Oh! And I bought her an Elle handbag. 🙂

Today, 14th March 2008, Friday

Sat in one of the studios with Julia after lunch and surfed the net using her laptop while she practiced. (The computer lab was taken up for Improvisation class.) Finally went off at 3pm odd. Instead of going home straight, I wandered around. Went to the CD stall at Bugis St. to find Evan-chan’s birthday present. But that was before I went to OG Albert Mall to look around. (The OG stores are having a 20% discount till this sunday, the 16th.) That was when I saw the Converse bag (!!!) and bought that cute water bottle (!!!!!!). So, there. Blah. Wasted. Should had bought the water bottle on wednesday. Blah. Haha! So, should I go back to OG Albert Mall on sunday to get that Converse bag??? Hmmm… But seriously, do I need it? *looks at present Gap bag that has frayed edges…* Hmmm… But I have been spending a lot… And I still owe my brother money for the HDD bought at the I.T. Fair. Hmmm…

And so, I shall end here and contemplate the evils of impulsive buying and spending on materialistic wants when there are so many other poorer people in this world, which I realised that I am truly blessed by God. Thank you. 


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