Good Friday

2.45pm. The sky is starting to get really cloudy. Thunders rolling. Waiting for 3pm to come.

Every Good Friday, the sky will be overcast. That is what I observed and remembered for many years now. This is probably a physical sign from God, reminding us what happened this day 2000 odd years ago when Jesus died on the cross for us.

We are such fools, are we not? 2000 years ago and 2000 years later, we are very much the same. Infact, we are such cowards; so afraid of standing up for what is truly right and true. All those people who had witnessed Jesus’ miracles and heard Him preached in the hills, all that He had said and done to the countless, where did they run off to hide? Or were they so spineless that they were those in the crowd before Pilate who asked whom to be released, shouting, “Not him but Barnabas! Crucify him!!!” 

2000 years later, we are still the same cowards. We meet Christ almost everyday out on the streets. When we see a pickpocket lifting a wallet from a stranger on the bus or street, do we every stop that thief? When we see an elderly person boarding the bus, do we offer him or her our seat? Such things may be simple, but these are what Jesus expects of us to do for these are what he died for. For us. For us to “love one another” even though we are strangers with one another.

“Love thy enemy”. Others may find it ridiculous. However, it is a test. To prove ourselves worthy of Christ. Jesus made no man his enemy but it was the other way round. And for what? It was all out of jealousy. Totally ridiculous.

We are such weak, spineless, ridiculous and jealous fools. But because of Him, the Lamb, we have cause to rejoice for we are to be saved. The road is long, the path is narrow and full of pits. We can do it because Jesus had already gone through this path. As long as we are not weak, with a backbone and that we know the truth, and with His help, we will get there. Save us a seat, Lord Jesus!!! Wait for me!

“51Then the curtain hanging in the Temple was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook, the rocks split apart, 52the graves broke open, and many of God’speople who had died were raised to life.” – Matthew 27: 51-52.


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